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Advantages of Community Trust Bank

Banks have been introduced so that people can easily utilize their money in a secured way. In old days, wealth was hardly utilized in a proper channel as there was no specific planning.

If you are looking forward to selecting a checking account, then Community Trust Bank Surrey will be the right place. The staff members involved will assist you in selecting a checking account that will help you in building your finances along with meeting specific needs.

The bank feels glad to provide convenient options along with benefits for such specialized checking accounts. Some highlighted options along with benefits include:

  • Avoiding low monthly maintenance fee when low balance is maintained
  • Free flex debit card
  • Access to 24-hour banking through round the clock convenience line
  • Mobile banking
  • Internet banking with bill payment option
  • If you have a branch of Community Trust Bank nearby your dwelling place, then it will be good to avail membership in order to fetch numerous benefits.

Availability of Electronic Transfer Account (ETA)

Some highlighted benefits in association with Electronic Transfer Account include the following:

  • Easy availability of account to individuals who receive a federal benefit payments
  • You need to provide minimum deposit per month. It may include federal benefit, wage, salary or retirement payment.
  • Transactions must be related to over-the-counter and ATM card only
  • There remains no requirement of holding the minimum balance
  • Highly nominal and justified monthly maintenance charge needs to be paid. It generally fluctuates between $3 and $5.

Flexible Checking

Flexible checking by Community Trust Bank Surrey is gaining high popularity due to the following reasons :

  • You need only about $100 for opening such an account
  • Practically, it requires no monthly maintenance fee and minimum balance
  • You may easily go for unlimited writing of check
  • You may use first few checks free of cost
  • Enjoy unlimited deposits
  • Get monthly statement
  • Enjoy flex Debit card and transaction free of cost

Unlimited Checking

In a case of unlimited checking, if you are holding minimum daily ledger balance of about $500, then you need not pay any penny for monthly maintenance. You will also get benefitted with unlimited check writing, monthly image statement along with free flex ATM card and transactions.

The bonus pack option includes the following choices:

  • Savers Club
  • Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty
  • Payment Card Protection
  • MyIDMattersSM
  • Medical Emergency Data Card
  • Key Ring Protection
  • Discount Shopping Service
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Rx Advantage Prescription Drug Program

CTB 55 plus Club Checking

The CTB 55 plus Club checking from Community Bank Trust is available to individuals who are 50 years older and more. You need only $100 to open it! If you are a holder of minimum ledger balance of at least $5,000; then you hardly require any monthly maintenance.

Along with unlimited check writing, there will remain no issue fee against cashier checks. You may expect to fetch $10,000as Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance. Each and every newborn grandchild will be provided free $10 savings account.

You will also be presented with special seminars along with travel and merchant discount. The Insurance is subject to policy eligibility, terms and exclusions. As it is not a bank guaranteed item, it is not a deposit.